The Texas Potjie Festival – An Annual Cultural Celebration

Texas Potjie friends:  

We appreciate you joining our page this past year to share with fellow South Africans. We will soon be sending out a survey to ask for feedback on what worked well and suggestions for improvement for the Potjie. To clarify and avoid confusion we wish to confirm that this is and will remain the official site / page for the Texas Potjie, managed, maintained and constantly improved upon by the original founders and their succeeding committee members. Any similar Facebook pages or websites are for a different group. We will continuously strive to bring you the best Texas Potjie venue where South Africans and their friends and families can socialize and enjoy our shared heritage.  

Texas Potjie vriende:  

Ons waardeer dat jy by ons Texas Potjie bladsy aangesluit het die afgelope jaar om met mede Suid-Afrikaners te deel. Ons sal binnekort ‘n opname uitstuur om jou terugvoering te kry oor wat goed gewerk het vir jou by die Potjie en vir voorstelle vir verbeteringe. Om verwarring te voorkom wil ons bevestig dat die bladsy / website is – en sal bly – die Texas Potjie se offisiële bladsy. Dit word in stand gehou deur die oorspronklike stigters en hul daaropvolgende komiteelede . Enige soortgelyke bladsye of websites is vir ‘n ander groep. Ons sal voortdurend daarna streef om die beste Texas Potjie fees to hou, waar Suid-Afrikaners en hulle vriende en familie-lede gesellig kan kuier en ons gedeelde erfenis vier  

Only 98 days 5 hours 9 minutes 54 seconds until Potjie 2017!

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Every Labor Day weekend there is a big stirring amongst South Africans in Texas… well… to be honest, it’s much wider than Texas… it’s all over the United States, and in some cases even around the world! Why?


It’s the annual Texas Potjie Festival!

(Our sincere thanks to Susan Smit for producing this video.)

Preparations for this annual “potjiekos” festival begin weeks in advance. Some people make biltong, droëwors, boerewors, bake rusks, koeksisters, and many other traditional goodies in the weeks leading up to it.

People start arriving at the campground on the Friday. Some stay in cabins, others in RVs, and the rest in tents. Then the braai fires are lit and the party is on!

Most people “kuier” (visit) around the braai until the early morning hours on Saturday, catching up on news with all the friends they made at the previous Potjie. Saturday is the boerewors competition, and Saturday evening is the big “sokkie”.

Potjie Picture Gallery

Sunday is the day all the potjiekos competitors have been waiting for! The food preparation starts after church and by the afternoon the whole campground is filled with the wonderful aroma of the various potjies, carefully nursed by their expert creators.

After the judging is over, everyone either shares their potjies back at their own sites, gets together with friends, or gets together at the visitors areas to share potjies or a braai.

Don’t miss out on the annual Texas Potjie Festival. It is a blast that you won’t forget anytime soon!

Want to join us this year? Here are the details for the upcoming Texas Potjie Festival.



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