The Texas Potjie Festival – An Annual Cultural Celebration

Only 182 days 3 hours 13 minutes 25 seconds until Potjie 2015!

Every Labor Day weekend there is a big stirring amongst South Africans in Texas… well… to be honest, it’s much wider than Texas… it’s all over the United States, and in some cases even around the world! Why?

It’s the annual Texas Potjie Festival!

(Our sincere thanks to Susan Smit for producing this video.)

Preparations for this annual “potjiekos” festival begin weeks in advance. Some people make biltong, droĆ«wors, boerewors, bake rusks, koeksisters, and many other traditional goodies in the weeks leading up to it.

People start arriving at the campground on the Friday. Some stay in cabins, others in RVs, and the rest in tents. Then the braai fires are lit and the party is on!

Most people “kuier” (visit) around the braai until the early morning hours on Saturday, catching up on news with all the friends they made at the previous Potjie. Saturday is the boerewors competition, and Saturday evening is the big “sokkie”.

Sunday is the day all the potjiekos competitors have been waiting for! The food preparation starts after church and by the afternoon the whole campground is filled with the wonderful aroma of the various potjies, carefully nursed by their expert creators.

After the judging is over, everyone shares in all the potjies to get real taste of all the hard work of the afternoon.

Don’t miss out on the annual Texas Potjie Festival. It is a blast that you won’t forget anytime soon!

Want to join us this year? Here are the details for the upcoming Texas Potjie Festival.

8 Responses to The Texas Potjie Festival – An Annual Cultural Celebration

  1. John Els says:

    A note posted on behalf of Denis & Pat Simons from the UK…

    Hi the Texas potjie convenors

    May the weekend be blessed with warm sunshine and renewal of friendships and may the biltong be dry and tasty and the ‘dop ‘n dam’ be strong. Koesusters and melktert be up to standard and the stories be as bad as usual.

    Have a great weekend Fred and Yvonne.

    Alles van die beste

    Denis & Pat Simons

  2. tony says:

    Well done John & Esme,

    You certainly put Texas on the map when it comes to SA,much to California’s loss though,

    Keep up the good work

    maybe NEXT year…..

    luv T & L

  3. Charlotte says:

    A suggestion for a more central location next year:

  4. Hey, this is so cool…. I live in Napier, South Africa… but would move to the US at the drop of a hat!
    Good that exPats are still keeping the home-fires burning there in Texas and elsewhere in the US. Good for you!

  5. Albe Brits says:

    Die Suid Afrikaners kan maar net nie sonder braai en potjie nie ek is verbaas om dit te sien maar my hart het sommer trots suid afrikaans gepomp toe ek sien wat julle in Texas doen.Maak nie saak waar ons gaan ons sal altyd probeer om die Afrikana kultuur uit teleef kan net nie bande met moeder land verbreek nie.Geniet julle 2012 Potjie kompetiese of sal ek eerder se SUID AFRIKANER SAAM TREK.Net jammer ek het n bloubul trui op die fotos gesien.

  6. Monique Santoro says:

    Wonderful to see all the South Africans in TX still enjoying a traditional feast. How I wish I was there. SA is not what it was. We miss you all. Cant wait to see the 2013 pics.
    Much love.

  7. gizzel says:

    I live in SA but want to move to Texas, I’ll certainly be joining in on the festivities if I get to Texas

  8. Rudolf Pollabauer says:

    Greetings all. My family and I arrived 1st July 2013 in the US. …………… And we cant wait to get to RUSK this year. We stay in Dallas and coming from the Natal Midlands, you can only imagine!!
    Ek hoop ons gaan baie nuwe vriende maak en weereens , kan nie wag nie.

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