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Below are some frequently asked questions to help you get a better understanding of what Texas Potjie is all about. Click on the question to see the answer…

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What is the Texas Potjie Festival?

The Texas Potjie Festival is essentially a weekend of camping, where South Africans from Texas and far beyond get together in a campground. During the weekend there are several activities, like a “sokkie” (dance), and various traditional cooking competitions, of which the potjie competition is the main event.

The Texas Potjie Festival is also an excellent opportunity for South African expats to make friends and network with one another.

Who is in charge of the Texas Potjie Festival?

In short, the Potjie committee is in charge. Even though some members of the committee are more publicly visible than others due to the functions they fulfill, all committee members have the same vote in Potjie issues. No individual committee member is any more “in charge” than another. Potjie decisions are made by the committee, as a group.

When is the Texas Potjie held?

The Texas Potjie is held each year over Labor Day weekend. Labor Day is the first Monday in September. Labor Day weekend includes the Saturday and Sunday immediately before that Labor Day Monday.

Where is the Texas Potjie held?

The Texas Potjie is always held in a campground where people stay in tents, cabins, and RVs. This keeps everyone in one place and makes for a very sociable, party-like atmosphere. Over the years it has been held in various locations, like Brenham, Canyon Lake, Lake Livingston, Rusk, TX and KOA Lake Conroe

What is the Potjie festival fee for, and who benefits from that?

It costs money to host an event such as the Texas Potjie Festival. We have to pay for many items, like tent rental, dance floor rental, prizes, equipment purchases, etc. The festival fees, along with donations from our sponsors, pays for that.

Potjie doesn’t have any major profit motives. Our goal is rather to cover costs and have a little extra money to make the next Potjie better. Potjie is non-profit business operation and all sponsorships is tax deductible.

Excepting for the campground and other service providers, nobody else benefits financially from Potjie. Contrary to some rumors, committee members are not paid and do not receive any profits. The only money that committee members receive from Potjie funds are refunds for Potjie-related expenses that committee members paid for out of their own pockets.

I want to attend. How do I get the latest information about the next Potjie?

The latest information is always published on our Upcoming Potjie page. To help people stay aware of when any new Potjie information is published, we also have a mailing list that you can join to receive email updates, as well as a Facebook Group where we publish information.

Do we have to sign up for the weekend?

No. At this time, you only have to make your reservations for accommodation ahead of time (to ensure that you get accommodation). There is not a separate signup for the Potjie event. There are Potjie attendance fees that can be paid at the time of making your accommodation reservations, but you can also pay those fees upon arrival at the campsite. The only other signup that you can do before Potjie is if you would like to be a judge at Potjie. If you want to do that, please let us know by using the website contact form.

Do I have to stay in the campground?

No, certainly not. Some people can only attend the Potjie for one day and enter the campground as day visitors. Other people prefer to stay in a hotel, as opposed to camping, and stay in nearby hotels and also enter the campground as day visitors. We do recommend staying in the campground though… the atmosphere is amazing and you are part of the action all of the time.

Do I have to participate in the competitions?

No, you don’t. Participation is completely optional. You can merely hang around, enjoy the atmosphere, and mingle with everyone else. That being said, the competitions are contagious and many people see it once and immediately decide to compete next year!

To participate, do I have to sign up for the various competitions before Potjie?

No, there is currently no pre-registration requirement for Potjie competitions. You can simply sign up when you get to Potjie. Pre-sign ups for judges is welcomed early. There will be information posted at the Potjie event that explains what to do to participate in any of the competitions.

What are the competitions at Texas Potjie?

Saturdays competitions,  Biltong  and Droëwors. For the Biltong & Droëwros competitions, contestants make their biltong and droëwors at home before the Potjie Festival.

Sunday is the main competition day. Competitions include a bread competion, dessert competition, the main potjie competition (with a particular meat as the theme. e.g. lamb), and an open potjie competition (can be anything but the theme of the main potjie competition). Prepared entries are submitted to a judging panel at a predetermined time for judging.

The final competition category, a non-cooking category that also takes place on Sunday, is the cooksite competition. Contestants’ campsites are judged for things like traditional originality, effort, spirit, etc.

A prize-giving for competitions is held on the Sunday evening.

I want to be a judge at Potjie. How do I sign up?

To be a judge in one of the Potjie competitions, please send us your request by using the website contact form.

What other activities are there at Texas Potjie?

One of the biggest activities at the Potjie is people visiting with one another at campsites. Others hang out at the campground pool. Beyond that, there are several other organized activities, e.g.:

  • If available, watching a Springbok rugby game in the campground hall on Saturday morning.
  • Various “boeresport” activities for the kids.
  • A “sokkie” (dance) on Saturday evening, and for those who are up to it, another on the Sunday evening.
  • A concert of Clint and Ghapi on Sunday evening
  • A bazaar on Saturday
  • An Afrikaans church service on Sunday morning.

Can I buy any South African goodies at the Potjie?

Yes! there will be a bazaar with various South African Goodies held on Saturday.

I will not be staying in the campground. How do I enjoy Potjie?

If you will not be staying in the campground, you will be entering each day as a “day visitor.” People who stay in the campground typically do one or more of the following: (1) they hang out and braai at their campsite or “home base”, (2) they hang out in the pool, (3) they mingle with others in the campground by walking around the campground, and (4) they have bathroom & shower facilities available. All of this, excepting for #1, the “home base”, is available to day visitors. To compensate for that, we have set aside a lovely area on the shore of the little lake and right opposite the swimming pool and main hall for day visitors to use.  The visitors area will have shade, braai facilities and tables available. Bring your own camp chairs, cooler, charcoal, plates & utensils. The main hall is also where other activities, like the “sokkie”, church service, and prize-giving etc. will take place.  Day visitors will also have use of the air-conditioned Magnolia Hall on Saturday.

So we suggest this: Settle yourself in at the visitors area where you are likely to meet other day visitors as well. Here you can braai and make your food. Use the bathroom to change into your swimsuit and hang out at the pool, where you are also likely to meet some people. Walk about the campground and visit with people who are hanging out at their campsites. And of course, if you already know people who are staying in the campground, hook up with them.

If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us.

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  1. LOUISE SMITH says:

    We would like to book either an RV & then an RV site or a Cabin for the week-end. We are new the the USA only having been here a year. Please can you give me some info as an RV hire place near Rusk. Also the campsite contact details so I can enquire regarding a cabin.

    thank you

    Louise (Houston TX)

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