I will not be staying in the campground. How do I enjoy Potjie?

If you will not be staying in the campground, you will be entering each day as a “day visitor.” People who stay in the campground typically do one or more of the following: (1) they hang out and braai at their campsite or “home base”, (2) they hang out in the pool, (3) they mingle with others in the campground by walking around the campground, and (4) they have bathroom & shower facilities available. All of this, excepting for #1, the “home base”, is available to day visitors. To compensate for that, we have set aside a lovely area on the shore of the little lake and right opposite the swimming pool and main hall for day visitors to use.  The visitors area will have shade, braai facilities and tables available. Bring your own camp chairs, cooler, charcoal, plates & utensils. The main hall is also where other activities, like the “sokkie”, church service, and prize-giving etc. will take place.  Day visitors will also have use of the air-conditioned Magnolia Hall on Saturday.

So we suggest this: Settle yourself in at the visitors area where you are likely to meet other day visitors as well. Here you can braai and make your food. Use the bathroom to change into your swimsuit and hang out at the pool, where you are also likely to meet some people. Walk about the campground and visit with people who are hanging out at their campsites. And of course, if you already know people who are staying in the campground, hook up with them.

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