What is the Potjie festival fee for, and who benefits from that?

It costs money to host an event such as the Texas Potjie Festival. We have to pay for many items, like tent rental, dance floor rental, prizes, equipment purchases, etc. The festival fees, along with donations from our sponsors, pays for that.

Potjie doesn’t have any major profit motives. Our goal is rather to cover costs and have a little extra money to make the next Potjie better. Potjie is non-profit business operation and all sponsorships is tax deductible.

Excepting for the campground and other service providers, nobody else benefits financially from Potjie. Contrary to some rumors, committee members are not paid and do not receive any profits. The only money that committee members receive from Potjie funds are refunds for Potjie-related expenses that committee members paid for out of their own pockets.

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