Texas Potjie Committee – The Potjie Organizers

The Texas Potjie Committee are the people who organize the Texas Potjie Festival. Here are the people behind it all…

Texas Potjie Committee Members

potjie committee: gerhard retiefGerhard Retief

( Voorsitter)

CharlotteCharlotte Retief




Jaco Steynberg

Jaco Steynberg

Elna Steynberg

Elna Reinach 


Syla Van Zyl

Jaco van Zyl

Potjie Committee: Hugh ReinhardtHugh Reinhardt


Sub-Committee Members

  • Francois Louw

Although some committee members are more publicly visible than others, all committee members have tasks that they perform prior to, and during the Potjie Festival to help make it a success. Committee members vote on issues as a group, and all committee members have an equal vote in issues.

Founding Members of the Texas Potjie

Fred and Yvonne Reinhardt started the Potjie in 2000 as a gathering with a few friends over to their house. The next year was a day/evening gathering at a location just outside of Brenham and that is where it all started to where we have a wonderful South African gathering now in excess if 800 people attending in the last few years and still growing.

Fred Reinhardt

Fred Reinhardt


Yvonne Reinhardt

Yvonne Reinhardt


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