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Here are the details for Texas Potjie Festival 2016:

A reminder that for the Texas Potjie Festival fees, we only accept CASH.

Potjie 2016 will be our 16th annual TX Potjie Festival, and as before, we expect that it will be a magnificent event…

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Where: Lake Conroe KOA

Telephone: 1 800 562 9750 / 936-582-1200

When: Sep 2 – Sep 5, 2016 (Labor Day weekend)

Campground WebsiteLake Conroe KOA

Types of Visitors

The Texas Potjie Festival has two types of visitors:

  1. Campers: People who are staying in the campground for the whole weekend of the Festival.
  2. Day Visitors: People staying outside the campground in hotels and who enter the campground during each day for one or both days. (If you will be a day visitor, here is how to get the most out of Potjie.)

Festival Competitions

These are the competition categories for which the overall winner prize is awarded. 

The competitions are:

  • Main Potjie
  • Open Potjie
  • Bread
  • Dessert
  • Cook/campsite 
  •  Biltong
  • Droewors
  • Youth Potjie

Main Potjie Category: Beef

Open Potjie Category: Seafood, Lamb, Chicken or Pork.

Youth Potjie Category: Open

No Boerewors competition this year.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the camp areas at KOA Conroe do not have set-aside barbecue areas, or large enough barbecue areas for the needs of the particular campers.  For example, a team might be entering all the categories in the contest, but their collective camp-site barbecue space might not be big enough for their needs.  We cannot damage KOA property with open fires on the lawns etc.  It was decided that we would set aside a general, public braai area to eliminate this problem, and also, in advance, we would inform campers and competitors of this likely problem, so that they can come with braai stands etc.  There will also be braai stands for sale at the Potjie – not a committee responsibility but of one of the vendors at the bazaar.

We need judges for all categories. Please contact Anton van Staden if you are interested to be a judge

Email: texasboertjie@yahoo.com

Bazaar : We will have a bazaar Saturday, we are looking for more vendors. Please contact Mignon Wessels if you are interested to be a vendor. 

email: mignonwessels@gmail.com

“There is no charge for vendors to display and sell their goods in the communal hall” 


We are looking for sponsors. All sponsorships are fully Tax Deductible

Please contact: Mignon Wessels@ Mignonwessels@gmail.com, if you would like to be a sponsor. 

Your sponsorship can take the form of cash, gift cards or goods.

In return for your sponsorship we will put your logo on our website, mention you and additionally your company logo will be printed and distributed on our Texas Potjie Festival Programs during Labor Day.

Competition Registration

Registration for Sunday’s competitions will take place from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Sunday. Bring the potjie(s) that you will be using for your competition(s) along to registration. They will be inspected to ensure they are rust-free cast-iron potjies, and will be tagged with a special fire-resistant tag to indicate that they have been inspected. Only tagged potjies will be accepted for judging.


Campers: Call KOA at  1 800 562 9750 to make reservations for cabins, RV stands, or tents. Mention that your reservation is for the Potjie Festival. 

Tents can also be reserved on RV sites to a limit of two tents per site. (You will pay for a full RV site and will have all the amenities ie Electricity, Water etc)

Cabins are on a first serve basis and limited to one cabin per person calling. Give all a fair chance to reserve.

Festival & Campground Fees

Generally, there will be two fees to pay: One for the Festival itself, and the other is to the campground for the use of campground facilities. Campground fees will be either in the form of camping fees or day visitor fees.  All visitors must pay both the Festival fees and the campground fees.  The Festival fees will entitle you to full participation in any of the events over the weekend. 

New Potjie Festival fees:

Adults 16+: $15

Children 5- 15: $5

Children 0-4 : FREE

Please plan on paying with CASH!

Kidz Activities



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